Mrs Goody Baksmaty (Mother)

How it all started (About the designer)

Nina was born in Ghana in West Africa. Her mother Goody Baksmaty seen in Right Photograph and below

Was a top notch dressmaker/designer of her time. Growing up with a fashionable mum Nina naturally picked up a lot when it came to clothes and style. Her mother’s inspiration came from vogue catalogues so just imagine her excitement when her daughter Nina was years later mentored by the Editor of the chief of Vogue Italia Late Franca Sozzani.

College Days (The Awakening)

Nina came to College in the United States of America in 2002 where she studied biology. In order to make ends meet Nina started trading in shoes, bags that she bought in NYC and sold in Midwest.

It was through this process that the entrepreneurial spirit was awoken in her. The only thing that came naturally to Nina was Fashion. It was through this discovery that the journey to building a clothing brand KoshieO was born.

Nina and Mother

Ethnic Aesthetics and American Culture

Koshieo brings new life to everyday wear by combining Ethnic inspired prints with contemporary designs.

There’s a lot of symbolism embodied in our clothing to represent both ethnic aesthetics and American culture in which our design house blends fabrics uniquely.

Vibrant colors and eye catching patterns pop from our clothes, with exclusive trims creating a story of luxury and style.

A lot of work is put into the details and craftsmanship and it takes about 2 weeks to produce one item making a very trendy and comfortable fit.

Craftmanship at its best

(Late Franca Sozzani Editor In Chief of Vogue Italia) and Mrs. Goody Baksmaty (Mother)


The Koshieo logo silhouette of a traditional African woman carrying a baby on her back and a load of goods on her head. This load sometimes weighs 50kg and contains goods for sale or household. KoshieO uses this logo to symbolize all women who deftly and successfully combines parenting, housekeeping, and bread wining.

This symbolizes our mothers, wives, aunties, daughter, nieces, and granddaughters.

Women empowerment seeking jobs for women etc.